Le Pan TC970 Upgrade to Gingerbread and Rooting

I would normally write detailed instructions here but the original posts are quite accurately done so I will simply provide the links…

Rooting your Le Pan TC970: see this link

Why Root? Mainly access to system settings you wouldn’t normally have and you can do proper full backups.

Then after rooting, you can upgrade your tablet to gingerbread and cyanogenmod at that, which is even more customized. This is in beta 5 at the time of writing this, so be sure to download whichever is newest and best rated. There were still a couple of functions not perfectly working at the time of beta 5 so when you check, you’ll need to decide if those are dealbreakers or not for you.

Here is the link to the xda developers site with instructions: Grab them cakes!

** The pic shows a different launcher than the default ADW which I generally consider a mess, I much prefer Go Launcher Ex.


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