Filezilla drag and drop crash fix – Ubuntu Natty

filezillaAfter some recent upgrades after moving to Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwal), I noticed that whenever I would try to move a directory using drag and drop in Filezilla, it would crash. I even upgraded my Filezilla from 3.3 to 3.5 but it did not fix anything. I spent a lot of time searching online to try to find a fix for this which proved unsuccessful. I decided to search again today and looked at some really old information from years back because I couldn’t find anything current. One previous issue was with wxwidgets containing a bug that would cause Filezilla to crash for this very reason. I decided to look up which version Natty used for wxwidgets and compare that to their current version. It turned out that Ubuntu was using an older version 2.8.11 and the more recent one was 2.8.12 which was released a couple months ago. I’m not sure why this incremental version was held back from being updated, but I decided to try it out nonetheless.

Instructions on how to update wxwidgets along with other packages can be found on the wxpython wiki page. I upgraded these packages on three separate Ubuntu machines and the issue disappeared. I am now able to drag and drop directories without any crashing on Filezilla. Hopefully Ubuntu decides to update these associated packages to resolve it. All that is really necessary is to do sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade and it will upgrade 2 packages and that fixes the issue.

As always with any software upgrade, it’s up to you to try it out if you want. The instructions are very easy and it did fix the annoyance for me on 3 machines. I can’t say what impact upgrading may have on other installed packages but my issue with Filezilla is resolved so I’m happy.

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7 Responses to “Filezilla drag and drop crash fix – Ubuntu Natty”

  1. Thomas Says:

    Many thanks for this. I can confirm that your fix works on Oneiric as well. It’s a big help to me as the constant crashing was wasting a lot of time at work!

  2. easylinuxguide Says:

    Thanks for your comment and confirming the issue remained in Oneiric. It took me a while to figure out a solution but I was happy that I did. It was a constant pain for me too.

  3. Alessandro Muraro Says:

    many thanks, issue fixed!

  4. aaron Says:

    The Natty repo in your link above worked great for me on Linux Mint 12 (oneiric based). Thanks!

  5. Jack Says:

    Hey there.

    To fix mine following the guide linked for the update, know that they do not have a oneiric repo.
    Therefor, use their Natty repo for the time being

    (natty-wx) and it will update to the right version.

  6. Dave Says:

    Many thanks – as with Aaron, this fixed my installation on Linux Mint 12 (Lisa).

  7. Adri Says:

    I also can confirm that using the Natty repo for Oneiric (Ubuntu 11.10) works (thanks Jack!)

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