MPD fix after upgrading Ubuntu to 11.04 Natty Narwal

With the upgrade to Ubuntu 11.04 – Natty Narwal, I noticed that mpd stopped working. After some trial and error, it turned out it was an easy fix. What you do need to know before upgrading is that you should definitely back up your current queued tracks to a playlist if you want to have them back after the upgrade. While you won’t lose any data, your current state will be gone.

Here is what was needed to do to get mpd running again…

You can either do this via command line with your favorite text editor or via a graphical environment.

Command line: sudo nano /etc/mpd.conf

Graphical: sudo gedit /etc/mpd.conf

1 – Delete or comment out the error_log line in your /etc/mpd.conf:

previous line:
error_file        “/home/username/.mpd/errors.log”

after the change:
#error_file        “/home/username/.mpd/errors.log”

Keep in mind that your directory choices in the quotes may differ but that is a non issue. Once that is done, save the file. The next thing to do is to recreate your entire database for mpd. This has never been necessary before after an upgrade, but it could be due to changes in mpd or Ubuntu.

You can do this upgrade a few different ways. If you run a graphical front end like Sonata or GMPC, you need to first make sure that you are connected to mpd. Lastly, you need to update the entire database. This will take some time depending on the size of your collection. You could alternatively do this from command line by using the command: mpd –create-db. If that doesn’t work as a normal user, you may need to sudo mpd –create-db. After the database updates, you should be able to play your tunes as before. All in all, it is a fairly simple fix, but something that could be quite frustrating if you aren’t aware of it.

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